About Us

For more than 20 years, the Judicial Innovations teams has been providing payment solutions and probation case management to governmental and private entities. We provide seamless integrated or nonintegrated payment solutions for government entities while giving the public a secure and convenient way to make their financial obligations.


Our web based probation case management system is a result of the team having over 50 plus combined years in law enforcement, probation, and software solutions. Our case management tool will streamline your probation office and maximize its efficiency while giving your officers more time to focus on the probationers verse tedious paperwork.

WE HAVE DECADES OF EXPERIENCE - currently processing payments for more than
165 courts probation systems throughout the United States.


NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS required. Our customers love us, and we know you will too.


NO COST TO YOUR AGENCY. We charge government agencies nothing for our payment services or probation case management system


NO CHARGEBACKS. We guarantee your funds so you can free yourself of the hassle of handling chargebacks.

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