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How courts can benefit from the new consumer mindset aiming towards convenience and rapid results

COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted across the United States. As people emerge from their cocoons and re-explore how to interact with people face-to-unmasked-face, there’s value in evaluating the long-term effects on consumer behavior and how U.S. court systems can benefit.

Online dispute resolution is an exclusively digital space where attorneys, judges, court clerks, defendants, and related parties can discuss and resolve a legal matter. The technology wasn’t originally made for the courtroom, but for e-commerce sites like eBay. Buyers and shoppers have been using ODR to iron out issues for years, and these platforms’ success has led ODR to be used in more than 60 million e-commerce disputes annually. That’s more cases than the entire U.S. civil court system!

Click the link below for the full article, to find out how the innovation could be coming to your court..


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